Annie Bird Morton (1864-1922)

B May 6th, 1864 in North Auburn Maine to Clara True Bird and Jasper Morton
M Lucius Abbott Butler on 10-11-1887  in North Auburn, Maine
D December 29, 1922 in Mansfield, Mass.
C Gertrude Morton Butler and Harold Abbott Butler and Doris Mae Butler
She was born in 1864 and died in 1922 at the age of only 58, apparently of pneumonia.

Less than 5 weeks after she died, her husband Lucius Abbott Butler died.

Her two children, Gertrude and Harold lived very long lives.  Their baby sister Doris Mae lived less than a year.  We're not sure why she died.

We don't know too much about Annie yet but we hope that through letters and other research we will find out more.  Gertrude writes that Annie and her husband were "great lovers".

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Annie's Last Letter Written to Helen May Butler

Letter about Annie's death

Letter to Annie from Rear Admiral Royal Bird Bradford

Husband's last Letter written to sister Helen

Gertrude, Helen, Lucius Abbott Butler, Leslie, Annie Bird Morton


GertrudeAnnie Bird Morton, Harold Abbott Butler