Lucius Abbott Butler's Last Letter
Lucius Abbott Butler's ("Abbott") Last Letter - Feb. 4th, 1923

Written to his sister Helen May Butler

Dear Sister

I will try & answer your letter this morning. I am all alone my housekeeper went to Prov. yesterday will be back this morning. I expect pretty lonesome.

I can tell you I couldn't do much but think of Annie I will be glad when the time comes to start for your place. I had a letter yesterday you Helen is worried for fear she will have to leave her work there and come here with us you try and calm her so I you and here do just as you think best it will seem as if were living her along way from you but she probably would be all right than I am glad she has taken up the work she has and she seems very interested in which is pleasing to me so you tell her for me to do her best to make to get high marks in her work. I wont try answer her letter for this letter writing is some stunt for me not use to it. I am glad that you are starting your divorce from that man as there wont be any place for him with our new was help to you and the only thing he ever did to help you was when he took his self out of the way. I shan't go to the Hostil again as I have got what I was after and don't know whether I told you or not what they found the trouble was so I will tell you again it is that heart the Dr. says no more hard work. I am not going back on the road again. I think you and I can get along quite nicely on what I have saved for a rainy day. We will try it anyway. I am trying for a pension & if get it I don't see any reason why it won't go through all right. I think the best way to find out about Hospital training would be to correspond with the one you would chose for Helen if you should think of making any change with her. They are all so busy it is hard to reach them personally. Gertrude is coming home the 9th and stay until Monday night. I shall be glad to see her she is my main stay now Annie is gone. Wish her work was near home. I feel very fortunate that I have two such good children now is the time I appreciate them more than ever. You tell Helen that was glad to receive her letter and you read this one to her as I probably won't get around to write one to her right off have got to write one to Harold and Gertrud and by that the time that is done I will have written my limit. Will I love now. With love to you both. Abbott

I think Aunt Maine will write more down if you can get the reason I wrote you as I did about her was I woke up to the fact I had not said anything about the children which was an oversight on my part in my trouble I could not thing & can't do much better now so you can tell Helen [Helen May Spahn/Young] to not borrow any trouble and when I get there we can talk our plans over together. I know it would be bad for her to change just at this time.