Helen May Spahn/Young
B Daughter of Helen May Butler and John Leslie Spahn  (later apparently adopted by James Herbert Young)
M Never married
C No children
graduation picture.  Must have been around 1920 or so
Anecdote from Susan Butler: The one thing I remember about her happened when I was 8 years old, must have been about 1963. Helen May Spahn/Young and I were in a small rowboat in Lake Pleasant near Angola Indiana.  She had come up to visit us there while we were attending a Covell family reunion. I had a loose tooth that I was fidgeting with.  Without any warning, she yanked it out!!!!  After I got over the shock I realized I wasn't in any pain but it really was a surprise and one of life's memorable moments!!!
  • Daughter of the famous bandleader.

  • Was a nurse most of her life.

  • No children but enjoyed her extended family.

  • (SANDY) I think it was 1985 when Aunt Helen (Helen May Spahn Young) & I went to Ireland for the Butler's 800th anniversary in Kilkenny. Shortly after we returned, she passed away. Helen (Costigan) came down from Michigan & we went through as much as we could. After she had to go home, I continued for a few months until the house was sold. Being so interested in genealogy I saved anything possibly related. I have many photos of Grandma Young (Helen Butler Young.... I don't know what you call these people, but they can be easily confused!).

  • Quilt Story from Helen:  On one of Gertrude and Aunt Helen's visits to DeWitt Aunt Helen brought this quilt to me. She said that grandma (HMB) had made it. I was soooooo thrilled. It is beautiful, each square has unique hand embroidery. It is mostly silk with a few small squares of velvet. It does not have a backing. Again, like Sandy's it is deteriorating. When Aunt Helen was out of the room Gertrude said to me,  "I wouldn't pay attention to what Helen says. I am not sure that Aunt Nell made that quilt. I know she did oil paintings and her music but I never saw her do quilting." :-) So, I guess what I have is a quilt that Aunt Helen gave to me. :-) (See quilt below)


  • I loved to watch the interaction between Aunt Helen and Gertrude. It seemed like Gertrude was always trying to "ground" Aunt Helen. I am not sure how to describe it, Aunt Helen was so chatty and Gertrude so matter of fact. Yet Aunt Helen would sit patiently and listen to Gertrude and me talk about the Spiritualist church -- her parents took her to the Boston church often, automatic writing -- Gertrude did automatic writing, and reincarnation! Aunt Helen would comment that when she died she would know the truth, but in the meantime she preferred to stick with her Methodist beliefs.
 Letter from Harold Butler to Helen May Young 1927