Annie Bird Morton's Last Letter (to husband's sister Helen May Young)



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Mansfield, Mass.
December 18, 1922

Dear Nellie

Just a few lines this morning - Got your card which was mailed the 13th giving your new address after December 9.

We sent you a check the 12th to the old address but hope and pressure you got it all right.

Abbott is home sick with a hard cold so could not go to Prov. today as planned to settle up the sale. Has been sick since coming home from work Friday after getting his feed soaking wet - he had worked just one week since early in Oct.

He wasn't really able to go to work on account of his chest difficulty when he walks or takes any exercise in fact - The Drs call it indigestion as the trouble is more on the right side than the left - other wise it would be his heart. Naturally it worries me a good deal - He is troubled terribly with gas whether he eats anything or not and suppose that causes the trouble but there is a cause for that and I would like to know what it is - He hasn't wanted a Dr. for his cold but wish I had called one Sat. for he had quite a fever and cannot seem to sweat him very much. He says he is all right now but he is far from it. We will be anxious to hear from you and know just how you are located.

Had a card from Leslie, perhaps I have told you this before - We have had a lot of small snow storms so the ground is covered most of the time, co??? slush and then ice. Hope I don't get another fall this winter - haven't recovered from the other yet.

I haven't done much of anything for Christmas this year - seems as though we have had something on hand to sort of upset our plans most of the time - I wish the sale could be closed before A - was sick and it would been if they had done as well as they might.

Well, this isn't a very cheerful letter I guess - well we all have our troubles - You never ?? whetheryou are well or not - probably you keep going like the rest of us whether you feel like it or not. A Merry Christmas to you and Helen, also a Happy new year.

Much love from both - Annie