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Ofelia Salazar - about 19

  Juanita Roges Salazar  

José Salazar y Laine Bob McIntire
Marta Galbis y Rigol Eulalia Salazar y Lainé
José Salazar John McIntire
Maria Cristina Salazar Ricardo Salazar Bobby McIntire

José Salazar y Roges and Eulalia (Lala) Lainé y Garesché on a trip to Sarasota,

starting from the left is Ed, Jean holding Loretta, John.  Then Francisco Lamelas is standing behind Elsa sitting and holding "Frank" as he is called now. Then Hilda standing behind Emilio R. Salazar sitting in the chair and Elsita Lamelas sitting at his feet. Next standing is Alberto with Happy holding Ana and Blanchi Lamelas at her feet. At the far right is Rolando standing behind Lina holding Maria.


1960 - Salazars leaving Cuba

Ed, John, Emilio, Jean (holding Loretta)

1949  Emilio Salazar, Jean Salazar, Elsa Salazar and Paco Lamelas   1959: Happy, Elsa, Hilda, Jean and Lina.  
First group of three Ricardo, his wife Jenny and son
Second group Bob (jr) McIntire Justin McIntire Jessica McIntire
Gigi McIntire (Bob's wife) Ian McIntire
Third group José Salazar (jr) Josie Salazar Marta Salazare (Galbis)
(above Marta) Alberto Salazar, wife Jenny and daughter
On the end Luisito de la Vega y Salazar ( son of Maria Cristina)
Kneeling Fernando Salazar and wife Debby Maria Cristina Salazar
daughter Natalia and Luis de la Vega husband of Maria Cristina
  Josie - Lalita's brother
and his wife and children
Alberto Maria Cristina José Marta (Galbis) Ricardo Josie
and kneeling Fernando.
Lalita with Belgian King and Chinese Ambassador   Lalita in a performance of "The King and I" (in Cuba?)  
"LaLa" (Lalita Salazar's mother)   Lalita Salazar McIntire  
John and Bob McIntire   Rolando, Hilda (married Pedro Llanio), Alberto, Elsa (married Francisco Lamelas)  and Emilio Salazar  
Emilio Salazar -  1916 Notre Dame Graduation   Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Salazar  
Alberto Salazar family, mid 1960s   Alberto Salazar, 1990s  
Benito Lloygori at Cuatro Vientos Air Dome, Madrid   Spanish stamp honoring Benito Lloygori  
Vincente with Jessica, Lalita's grand-daughter   Clark Gable Salazar (Bill Butler)  
Havana, Cuba   "Lala" and Joe Salazar, newlyweds  
Ofelia Salazar Butler