Butler Pictures
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Persis E. True, Helen May Young Persis E. True, Helen May Butler  
Gladys Butler, Lucius Marshall Butler, Harold Butler, Gertrude Butler, Annie Morton Butler Gladys Butler Harold and Gertrude Butler
Ofelia and But before they married Billy and Ofelia in sandbox Harold, Mrs. Helmsing, Leslie Jr., Mother, Adele, Sally and Gertrude
Redtop Butler, Age 10, 1915 Lucius M. Butler and Esther Butler Grave in Providence, RI Billy Butler, Cuba, 1930-1
Christmas card from Havana, 1938 or so Caption says: Mom, 84 and Bill, June 10, 1951 (Aunt Nell?)  
"The Toy Symphony" Cuba 1938, Billy is in back row 2nd from right Private Bill Butler, about 1954 Bill Butler with GE Friends in Cuba, 1957 or so
    Mary Morton, sister of Annie Bird Morton Butler
Harold Abbott Butler