Butler Pictures
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126 Auburn St. Auburn RI 1899  left: Winthrop E. Stone - wife Victoria Helen May Butler and Gertrude Butler On Porch, Mrs. L.M. Butler To right Lucius Abbott Butler, wife Annie and Baby Harold   Butlers in Cuba - Back: William A. Butler, Harold A. Butler, Benito Lloygori.  Front: Encarnita Salazar Lloygori, Ofelia Salazar Butler, Kenneth Morton Butler
Back says: Grandma Butler, Chesterfield (I think this must be Luthera Betsy Hubbard Butler, wife of Marshall Butler)   Doris Mae Butler, 2 months
Bessie Butler   Back says Aunt Nell 86 Jack 93 July 1953, TV our dear Gertrude made possible.
Butler kids, Cuba 1959   Persis E. True
Herbert Marshall Butler   Henry Earl Butler
John Butler (1786-1884)   Henry Earl Butler
Gertrude at Cave City, Aug 1927   Kenny Butler and Billy Butler, about 1932
Siboney, Bill Butler's boat   Kenneth Morton Butler, about 1955
Annie Bird Morton Butler with Gertrude Morton Butler   Gertrude, Helen, Lucius Abbott Butler, Leslie, Annie Bird Morton
Annie Bird Morton   Kenny Butler, Gertrude, Billy Butler - about 1939
Ofelia Salazar, Aunt Mary, Harold Abbott Butler