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  • Ancestors of William Hollister Covell, b. 1768

  Covell History:

The Covells came to America from England in the mid 1700s, settling in Oneida county near Syracuse, NY.  Lyman G. Covell pioneered the way out west to Indiana and his family followed him to Pleasant Township, Steuben County where they lived on a farm (1848). 

Later, he traded the farm in Pleasant Township and 40 bushels of corn for the Covell farm in Scott Township, Steuben County.  William Sylvester Covell was born in the farmhouse, as was his son Jesse Covell.  Jesse Covell bought an adjoining farm when he married and went on to raise 10 children on that farm.

The 10 Covell kids went on to marry and have children and their children have had children.  Some have great-grandchildren now!

Steuben County Covell Marriage Records 1837-1899