Encarnación (encarnita) Salazar
B May 23 1890 to Juana Roges & Emilio Salazar
M Married to Benito Lloygori October 18, 1918
D 1982 in Madrid, Spain
C No Children

Encarnación was born in Pinar del Rio Cuba on the 23rd of May 1890 in a farm belonging to her parents Dr. Emilio Salazar e Hidalgo Gato and Juana Roges y Medina.  At the age of ten years (when she lost her mother)  it was decided to send her to the United States for her education...The College of St. Elizabeth in Convent, NJ was chosen.  At first, she and her sister Ofelia were very lonesome...They did not know English and everything was strange.  Finally they decided to run out and play with the other children. They remained in this school over six or eight years when her father decided that they should return to Cuba. She married Benito Lloygori on October 18, 1918 when we were living in Consulado 59 in Havana.  He was living at the time in a Boarding House located on the top floor of the building in Consulado 59.  Encarnita, as she was called, had a parrot, which she fed with her hands in the afternoon, while flirting, in a way and looking at Benito.  Finally, Benito, requested a friend of his named Damborenes, to introduce him to my father.  Shortly, they were married on the 18th of October.  It was a Civil wedding which took place in a town called Calvario, Havana Province.

Benito is the son of Carmen Pimentel de Lloygori.  He had a brother, Pepe, who never married.  Benito worked with General Motors, twenty-five years and held important positions as a salesman, being transferred to different countries on account of his knowledge of languages (French, English and Spanish).  In his youth he was an Aviator and held the title of being the first aviator in Spain.  He died the 1st of February 1976 at the age of 90.  He was born September 4, 1885 in B Larritz, France.  More about Benito