Luthera Betsey Hubbard (1816 - 1901)

B November 1,1816 in Chesterfield, NH to Luna Hildreth and Jacob Powers Hubbard
M December 28, 1836 to Marshall Butler
D March 17, 1901
Lucius Marshall (1838) Helen Pricilla (1845)
Warren Herbert (1847) Ann Sophia (1842)



Descendants of Marshall Butler and Luthera Betsey Hubbard include:

  • First woman military band director Helen May Butler, "the Female Sousa." (granddaughter)

  • Harlan F. Stone, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, born 1872 (grandson)

  • Famous writer world traveler/sailor and survivor, shipwrecked sailor Bill Butler, born 1929, still living! (great-great-great-grandson)

  • President of Purdue University, chemistry professor, and avid mountain climber, killed in a rock climbing accident, Winthrop Stone, born 1862. (grandson)

  • Lucius M. Butler, master mechanic and inventor who made improvements to Pullman coaches. (grandson)

  • Lucius A. Butler, railroad engineer. (great-grandson)

  • Bernice Howe, a 1895 female science graduate of Purdue University (granddaughter)

  • Harold Abbott Butler, electrical engineer who moved to Cuba to get away from the cold weather in the northeastern US.  He ended up fleeing Cuba after the Cuban revolution. (great-great-grandson)

  • Many others with engineering, mathematical, and artistic talent.

  • Plenty of others with diverse interests including accounting, geography, astronomy, computers, photography, dairy farming, painting, architecture, music, science, genealogy and more!