Helen May Butler


Age 30


1893 World's Fair

1893 World's Fair


This hat is on display at the Smithsonian


St. Joe, MO 1907

St. Joe, MO


Beatrice, Nebraska

Beatrice, Nebraska

  Postcard - This is the print at the bottom:

Cora Youngblood Corson, Feature Soloist. and, For Time and Terms Address, W.S. CLEVELAND, 536 Knickerbocker Theatre Building, New York City.

This is the hotel that Mr. James Herbert Young had around 1910-20.

Especially interesting to us is this card (postmarked 21 Mar 1918) was sent by HMB to:

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Butler, 14 Summit Ave., Mansfield, Mass.

She wrote:

Cincinnati, March 21.

Dear Sis & Bro.

We are a bit upset for Herbert is planning to go across on one of those food boats out of Boston, as stewart. So do not be surprised if he walks in on you if he has time. With love, Nellie