Gottlieb Beck

B Born to Daniel Beck and Mrs. Beck (name?), October 18, 1857 Germany
M Married to Catherine Hinderer
D Died June 21, 1918, Indiana
C Children: Margaret Edith, Mabel, John G., Calvin, Charles G.
(David's Great-great-great-grandfather)

  •  Had 6 children: One son, Walter was kicked by a horse and died, about age 12.  The others were: Margaret, Mabel, Charles, John G., Calvin
  •  He was very strong and could lift two feed sacks with his teeth!
  •  Died of appendicitis.  In those days, this wasn't something people usually survived.
  •  Came over by himself from Germany as a young man.  Something about "bonds".  Had to work them off?
  •  Often referred to as Godfrey Beck.
  • 1880 census shows him living at the home of John Hinderer in Koskiosku County, IN as a servant.  He later married John Hinderer's daughter Catherine (listed as Kate). Lists him as age 21 but if he was born in 1857 he should have been 22 on this census.
  •  Gottlieb's father Daniel was a carpenter
  •  Gottlieb's father's brother was his sponsor
  •  No Becks left in the area they came from

1900 Census Picture




Creek ends up in the Wabash river.
Syracuse High School, All 5 beck children went there - John, dad, Cal Mabel, Margaret.
Great Great Great Uncle Sam on Mom's side supplied Sam Wilson. Went up the Missouri with Louis and Clark and brought the rebellious contention

Germany provided the most immigrants to the US. Why did they want out so badly?

George Martin, attorney in Ft. Wayne, married South Korean girl. They have a florist store in Ft. Wayne. The girls have their address.

Old wood stove on the Grandma beck farm. Cast Iron Coke stove. (Heated Coal).

Icebox, wood oak ice box. Milk house on beck farm. Cut ice and store it in the winter, cover it with Sawdust. Fill the walls with sawdust, concrete trough filled with water. Water would


pennsylvania, german colony, and with his cousins in ohio (becks), train to Kendalville to big reunion, he hooked up with the Hinderers.